Monday, March 9, 2009

Chow: Your New Kitchen Tool Has a Motherboard

The maker of the new Touch Book, a miniature netbook-style laptop, says it boasts many attractive features: affordable price, very portable dimensions, excellent battery life, and “always on” instant startup. So far, impressively techie. But why are we talking about it here?

Well, this little laptop has a secret: You can detach the keyboard to create an even smaller, screen-only tablet PC that is controlled via touchscreen technology. Better still, the designers have made the display half of the device magnetic, which means that you can stick it to the fridge while you’re using it. So now you’ll be able to browse CHOW for recipes and ideas in the kitchen without losing valuable counter space or risk spilling stuff on your computer.

Touch Book, $299 (screen only) or $399 with keyboard, available for pre-order now and due to start shipping May or June.

By Keith Laidlaw. Read this article in its original setting here.