Monday, January 26, 2009

Chow: Chinese Melamine Milk Kills Two More

This pair will be executed by the state.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a Chinese court has sentenced two men to death for their parts in the tainted milk scandal which killed six babies and poisoned almost 300,000 more.

Despite the severity of the sentences, which also included a life sentence for the boss of the dairy that manufactured the contaminated baby formula, the LA Times says many victims are still angry about those who had escaped punishment:

“Teng Biao, a lawyer for some of the parents, said that the men given the death sentence were scapegoats in a failed product-safety system. ‘This involved the whole political and social system. There were politicians and bureaucrats who should have taken more responsibility as well,’ Teng said today.”

The BBC’s report on the trial describes the widespread conspiracy which led to the introduction of the protein-boosting melamine to watered-down milk in the first place, as well as a systematic failure to subsequently test milk products for safety.

The scandal led to global product recalls, and seriously harmed the reputation of Chinese-made goods around the world. It happened just four years after another fake baby milk incident killed 13 babies in China.

By Keith Laidlaw. Read this article in its original setting here.