Sunday, October 1, 2000

Esquire: Bangs For Your Bucks

Esquire has tracked down the ultimate in executive stress relief for the modern man: watching videos of atomic tests. The US Department of Energy in Nevada is responsible for testing the world's biggest fireworks, and the nice people who look fter its archives will, for a small fee, send you declassified videos of nuclear bombs going 'pop'. Marvel at early colour classics such as 'Trinity' (the world’s first nuclear explosion in 1945) and the spectacular, but less catchily titled, 'Atomic Blasts: Operation Greenhouse Through Upshot-Knothole' – which is a a compilation of atomic blasts showing 'close-up footage of boiling, tumbling, rolling fireballs of great destructive force as the nuclear power from the splitting of nuclei of atoms is unleashed', apparently. Marvel, and be afraid, be very afraid. Keith Laidlaw

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